Construct A Vehicle – Kit Cars & Street Rods

Constructing a Vehicle in WA

You can construct your own vehicle for use on Western Australian roads, provided you follow the relevant procedures and your vehicle meets the required standards.

What is an ICV?

An Individually Constructed Vehicle (ICV) is any vehicle that is not a “production vehicle” and will be used only for personal use. A production vehicle is defined as, “a vehicle manufactured or marketed in volume for normal road use”.

ICVs always need a new Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

If you want to construct more than three (3) vehicles per year, you need to seek advice from the Department of Transport and the Department of Infrastructure. Such vehicles must be certified by the Department of Infrastructure prior to manufacture.

Do Kit Cars qualify as ICVs?

Yes. A “kit car” is a form of Individually Constructed Vehicle, usually built from a partial or complete kit provided by a manufacturer or supplier. Owners are free to assemble the vehicle in a personally customised form, providing they comply with the ICV Guidelines and the “National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification”.

How do I secure approval for an ICV?

If you want to build and ICV you must obtain approval from the Department of Transport before starting construction. You can do this by filling in the application below.

ICVs will generally need to be constructed under the guidelines of an engineering signatory or other suitably qualified engineer. The engineer will be required to provide a report verifying that the vehicle complies with all the relevant Australian Designs Standards, Regulations, and Rules. You can download a list of engineers’ signatories below.

ICVs built to the “National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification” will comply with the above regulations and be suitable for licensing, subject to a final vehicle examination.

Do Special Purpose Vehicles & Street Rods require different forms and regulations?

Yes. Information about the forms and regulations required for these vehicles can be found at the Department of Transport Licensing Centre.

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a motor vehicle, other than a tow truck or an agricultural vehicle, built for a purpose other than carrying a load. SPVs include vehicles such as garbage trucks, street sweepers and cranes. Some SPVs, such as concrete trucks and fire trucks, may carry water.

A “Street Rod” is a defined as a vehicle that has a body and frame that were built before 1949, that has been modified for safe road use, or a replica of a vehicle, the body and frame of which were built before 1949.

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