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Acura NSX Twin Turbo Quad-Tip Cat Back Sport Exhaust

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Our laser-cut Acura NSX Twin-Turbo Quad-Tip Catback Sport Exhaust is designed to be a direct, bolt-on replacement for the extremely restrictive OEM heavy, bulky, and overly complicated Acura valved exhaust. Precision crafted using mandrel bent T304L stainless steel for maximum durability, our big-bore Acura NSX Twin-Turbo Quad-Tip Catback Sport Exhaust adds sportscar sound and turbo spool, all while saving a significant 19 lbs. (8.6 kg) off the rear of the vehicle.
Fits all Acura NSX Twin Turbo Vehicles 2017+
(Optional Exhaust Valve Simulators are electronic valve simulators which are plug and play for the factory electrical harness connector to prevent system faults caused when the valves are removed - Not required for 2017-2018 models but recommended for 2019+ models)
Direct replacement bolt-on, precision crafted, mandrel bent, T304L stainless steel pipes to replace restrictive OEM heavy Acura valved exhaust.
No Check Engine Light guaranteed. Complies with emissions and warranty. The system is a catback, so it is legal in 50 states.
Fabspeed is the world's first company to design & perfect this exhaust for the Acura NSX twin-turbo.
Precision engineered and 100% manufactured in USA using HAAS CNC, FLOW WATERJET, and UNISON LTD mandrel bending equipment.
Increased sportscar sound and Turbo spool - No resonance and no drone.
Saves 19 pounds and 8.6 KG versus OEM NSX valved exhaust.
Angle-cut dual outlets that look great and fill up the stock OEM chrome exhaust bezel.
This product removes the factory electronic valves from the vehicle to save weight and increase exhaust flow, and as such, may cause check engine lights.
Not required for 2017-2018 models but recommended for 2019+ models to eliminate possible issues.
  • HP (whp): +12 TQ (ft/lbs): +8 WT (lbs): -19