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Audi R8 V10 Valvetronic Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust System (2009-2015)

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Enjoy all the benefits of Fabspeed's world-renowned Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust System, now available with more power and sound at the push of a button!  Maximum gains of over 24whp and 18 ft/lbs of torque with full V10 exhaust sound!
We wanted to craft a sensational exhaust for a brilliant car. Our engineers set out to unleash the full unmuffled roar of the 5.2L V10 while being able to retain civility around town when desired.
Exhaust gases are
channeled through Fabspeed's signature 63.5mm Quad-Resonated X-pipe. We engineered it specifically to smooth out exhaust pulses for a sophisticated and exotic exhaust note while being as free flowing as possible. The tone is perfect for cruising around town or long highway drives.
Exhaust gases are free to flow straight from the engine unmuffled through 70mm dump tubes
with a snarling aggressive scream. The full fury of the Audi V10 is unleashed, along with an intoxicating and menacing barrage of pops and crackles upon deceleration and downshifting. This system truly needs to be heard and felt to be appreciated.
We use Helical Valves for their unprecedented quality - which have been proven by many OEM manufacturers such as Porsche themselves, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and many more.
Increased reliability - proven in racing and high volume OEM use
High-temperature bearings at both ends of the butterfly spindle
Cast stainless steel valve body with stiffening ribs for ultimate durability
Fits Audi R8 V10 Coupe, Spyder, and GT vehicles (2009-2015)
Specify Model Above
Fully controllable valved catback exhaust system includes a quad-resonated center x-pipe section which controls exhaust volume while the valves are closed.  When the valves are opened, the exhaust exits straight out through the dump pipes for maximum sound and power.
Two unique sounds in one exhaust!
Also available in a Non-Valved Version at a lower price -
Contact us for details!
Adds 24 whp and 18 ft/lbs of torque (on R8 V10) when the valves are open by channeling the flow of the exhaust gases directly out the back of the car with minimal restriction.
Saves 38lbs from the rear of the vehicle versus the factory rear muffler system.
Constructed from 14-16ga T304L stainless steel tubing for maximum power and durability
Direct bolt-on installation; no cutting or welding required
(Included wireless valve controller may require minimal wire splicing.)
All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty
R8 V10 Valvetronic X-Pipe
Posted by
on 29th Jul 2016
Insane! Valves-closed is sufficient to impress the kids in the neighborhood. Valves-open is just the touch to freakout that jackass in his Mustang GT insistent he wants to drag race down 30MPH Broadway! Evidence stupidity might be genetic? Couldn't help but notice he had really small hands, too!
Other than a full int/ext carbon fiber treatment my R8 doesn't appear too extraordinary...a TCU/ECU tune, Sprintbooster and this exhaust later and it's a completely different beast! Not exactly a "sleeper' in stock-configuration, but no comparison after the stealthy mods.
Pure blast of V10 lusciousness!
Posted by
on 23rd May 2016
Gotta give another shout-out to Fabspeed. I just finished (ACNA's North Georgia Quattro de Mayo) a few runs in the mountains (400 miles of : Tail of the Dragon, Cherohala Skyway, Waya Road, etc) and can say this exhaust is nothing short of terrific. A VERY pleasant 130 mile drive each way - comfortable but exotic sounds, and in the mountains? a simple but pure blast of V10 lusciousness. I could not call this sound a "roar" cuz it's more like a banshee to me, which is just the way I wanted it.
To the guy in Houston who seems like a super fine pipe welder taking custom orders - take a look at the welds on these units. Yours are fantastic and I'd've been lucky to have them on any of my previous projects in the Gulf, but the welds from Fabspeed are just outstanding quality work, Class M kinda stuff, and the polished finish is a beauty to behold - just too bad it all can't be seen on an R8!
  • INSTALL GUIDE - Audi R8 Valvetronic Controller.pdf
  • HP (whp): +24 TQ (ft/lbs): +18 WT (lbs): -38