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BMW 335i & 435i (F30/F32) Muffler Bypass Exhaust System

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Up the aggression and drop weight while unleashing the visceral tones of the N55 engine
There are loud exhausts, there are great sounding exhausts. When you have a loud AND great sounding system....335i OH MY! The N55 has a great voice to match the power it produces, and we wanted to let it sing. Our Muffler Bypass Exhaust System deletes the rear muffler, shedding 14 lbs in the process. This is an exhaust for those who like it aggressive. Expect an intoxicating and menacing barrage of pops and crackles upon deceleration. In cabin tone is very reasonable, with our
Sport Cat Downpipe
installed we would have no qualms daily driving it at all.
Fits all BMW 335i & 435i (F30/F32) vehicles
Saves 14 lbs from the rear of the vehicle
Will make everyone you know envious of the glorious sound errupting from your BMW
14-16ga T304L 3"-2.5" stainless steel piping
Includes Deluxe Dual Style Tips in your choice of finish. Available in either 3" Polished Chrome, 3" Satin Black or 3.5" Carbon Fiber
All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty
Installation requires
cutting the factory exhaust
near a factory break point. Everything required for installation is included. The Fabspeed system installs quickly over the factory piping using the included Torca clamp. Reinstallation of the factory rear muffler (for our friends with leased vehicles) is quick and easy!
I'm blown away!
Posted by
on 24th May 2017
I got the exhaust today and installed it after work. I'm blown away! You guys nailed it. Super easy install and it sounds amazing. You guys have been a pleasure to work with.
Fabspeed muffler delete installed
Posted by
on 31st Jan 2017
As far as loudness goes, it is AMAZING. Definitely makes the car sound the way it should.
It does drone, however, not as bad as I was expecting. This is my daily driver and I commute about 35 miles both to and from work, mostly highway. Cruising from about 75-80 mph is loud but not obnoxious, turn the music up a bit and it isn't bad at all.
I had my fiance and mom (both of them are not car people so I expected several complaints) in the car for a 30 minute drive to the furniture store and neither of them complained about it being loud so passed that test!
Another side note, have had several phone calls on bluetooth and no one has complained about any excessive noise from exhaust (trying to be as thorough as possible lol)
I think it is well worth it considering how easy it is to DIY (took a little over an hour, but my dad and I were a little over precise with measuring where to cut, could honestly be done in 30 minutes).