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SKU: 01-839-02093-5

EA839 3.0T VTA Adapter System

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VTA Adapter System, Audi EA839 3. 0T The Weistec VTA (Vent to Atmosphere) Adapters for the Audi 3. 0T and 2. 9T Engines are designed and manufactured as a complete and simple bolt on solution for attaining the "blow-off" sound that many people are fond of on turbocharged vehicles with out being excessively loud or high pitched.  The 3. 0T and 2. 9T V6 engines come equipped with twin electronically actuated bypass valves molded into the intercoolers that recirculate back into the airboxes for near silent operation.  With the VTA Adapters, tuning or ECU calibration may required depending on software version.  Key Features:100% Bolt-On SolutionCNC Machined AluminumHard Anodized to Military SpecEngineered and Manufactured in USA
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