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  • Ferrari 458 Brake Pads
  • Ferrari 458 Brake Pads

Ferrari 458 Brake Pads

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Upgrade the factory Ferrari 458 brakes or replace worn out pads with premium brake pads. Select from low-dust squeal-free Magic pads, high performance track-oriented Street/Strip pads, or full-race Raybestos ST-43.
GiroDisc MAGIC Pads
GiroDisc "Magic Pads" are the solution to your squeaky, dusty, expensive factory pads. They have less dust than typical factory pads and much less than typical performance pads. You won't be cleaning your wheels nearly as often. Additionally, they have great initial bite, something most less expensive pads are lacking. But the real reason people like these pads so much is that they are the "silver bullet" to brake noise problems. Magic pads are a semi-metallic composition that is easy on the rotors and the wallet. We recommend always replacing pads as a whole car set when switching compounds.
All magic pads come with our anti-noise shields pre-installed, included in the price.
The GiroDisc S/S or "street/strip" pads represent the ultimate in high performance brake pads. The semi-metallic compound maintains a consistent coefficient of friction from 0 to 1000 degrees making them an ideal option for people that are looking for a dual purpose pad that will work well on both the street and the race track. The formula has very little compressibility ensuring a very firm pedal and immediate bite which has made the S/S pads a favorite among people who autocross and those who demand the most out of their street cars. Inevitably these will dust more than Magic pads however with the addition of anti-noise shims that come on every set of pads they will not make any noise if they are bed in properly.
These are a direct fit for the front and rear of a Ferrari 458 with iron rotors.
Raybesto ST-43 RACING Pads
(458 Challenge ONLY)
Raybestos ST-43 are a good intermediate track pad. Very aggressive, yet easy on the rotors as far as racing pads go. They are down slightly on overall friction and initial bite from the most aggressive offerings, with the flipside being lower running temps and increased component life. Make no mistake, these pads are the real deal with many customers running them in Ferrari Challenge cars, Evo's, STi's, Vipers, Corvettes and more. If you rely on ABS, these pads will be more forgiving with their initial bite. These were developed for NASCAR (read heavy, high-horsepower, lots of tire and downforce). Run what the winners run!
OEM Pad Wear Sensors Require Modification to be installed with New Girodisc Pads.
These pads are recommended for track use only.
They are very aggressive and require being brought up to operating temperature for best performance.
Noise is to be expected with racing compounds.
Temperature Rating: 1200°F
Hot 1200°F Average Friction Mu: 0.380
OEM brake pad wear sensors are Not compatible with new brake pads and will require modifications by installer to make fit if requested.
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