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  • Ferrari F355 Sport Performance Package
  • Ferrari F355 Sport Performance Package

Ferrari F355 Sport Performance Package

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Why We Choose HJS Catalytic Converters:
HJS German imported catalytic converters are made from some of the highest grade materials you can find in a catalytic converter. This yields high performance gains and longevity so it wont deteriorate over time like lower grade catalytic converters. These catalytic converters flow up to 93-95% of a straight pipe in most applications. The benefit is that you get the "straight pipe sound" while still being able to provide enough emissions scrubbing to prevent a check engine light.    If you'd like to learn more,
watch our video about HJS catalytic converters.
Complete high-performance exhaust solution for the Ferrari F355; fantastically daily-driveable sound and power from Fabspeed's Maxflo Performance Exhaust System, Sport Headers, Sport Catalytic Converters, Deluxe Dual Style Tips, Carbon Fiber Air Box Covers, and a BMC F1 Replacement Air Filter.
F355 Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust
incl. Deluxe Quad Style Tips
F355 Sport Headers
F355 Sport Catalytic Converters
F355 Secondary Catbypass Pipes
F355 Silicone Intake Hoses
F355 Carbon Fiber Airboxes for
vehicles only
F355 BMC Replacement Air Filters
Fits all Ferrari F355 Berlinettas, GTS, & Spiders (1994-1999)
Please specify whether 1995 (2.7) or 1996-1999 (5.2) when ordering.
Increases horsepower and torque by 44 whp and 37 ft-lbs
Supersport Exhaust with deluxe quad-outlet tips is a direct replacement for the restrictive OEM exhaust and tips
High performance sport headers which are direct replacement for the restrictive failure prone OEM headers.
Fabspeed Sport Headers include a Formula 1/IndyCar style high-velocity investment cast 4 into 1 merge collector to improve exhaust scavenging with less restriction.
High quality, equal length T304 stainless steel C.N.C. mandrel bent equal length primary pipes mated to cast flanges to ensure long term durability.
Maxflo 200 cell tri-metallic German imported HJS sport catalytic converters which improve the overall power and sound.
Fabspeed Maxflo sportcats are less restrictive than the factory catalytics and will not set the CEL, and are safe for emissions and inspections.
Simple, direct replacement for the stock catalytics that clamp directly to the OEM or any aftermarket muffler designed to fit like stock.
Dramatic improvement in Ferrari F1 sound and power with the Sport Headers and High flow sport catalytic converters.
Secondary catbypass included which are direct replacements for the OEM secondary catalytics which are unnecessary and non-OBDII compliant.
BMC F1 air filters are included to improve throttle response and power throughout the RPM range.
The Ferrari 355 5.2 package includes the Carbon Fiber Airboxes to replace the OEM aluminum boxes to improve the induction through the stock throttle bodies.
Streamlined CAD shaped for maximum airflow with no resistance.
The Carbon Fiber airbox coverlids do not absorb heat similar to the OEM units, therefore increasing cooler air into the engine.
Red silicone intake hoses to replace the factory corrugated pieces to further improve air induction.
All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty
To ensure proper header seal, after initial heat cycle, tighten all exhaust bolts to the OEM torque specs.
This product removes the OEM catalytic converters from the vehicle, and as such, is strictly intended for closed track events and off-road use only. This product contains a High-Flow Sport Catalytic Converter solely intended for track and race cars as it is NOT California Air Resources Board Certified and not EPA certified. You are hereby informed and warned to check your local, state, and federals laws before buying and installing these or any aftermarket parts to be sure whether usage is in violation. All installation-risk and use-risk is borne by the end-user and installer of these parts.
  • HP (whp): +44 TQ (ft/lbs): +33 WT (lbs): -18
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