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Helical Technology High Performance Exhaust Cutout Valves

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Helical Technology is the UK’s foremost producer of high specification engine control systems supplied to many of the world’s leading vehicle makers, manufacturing valves of the highest quality for some of the most technically advanced and difficult applications. Helical Valves are the standard for high performance OEM applications raging from Ferrari and Porsche to Lamborghini, McLaren and more - see the full list below. They
offer a proven OEM validated design with optional additional features. The actuator and valve designs are based on Helical’s extensive experience in high-volume automotive applications. Standard features are the robust pneumatic actuator, flat sealing faces inside the valve, stiffening ribs and high temperature bearings at both ends of the butterfly spindle.
When purchasing exhaust cutout valves for your vehicle application, buying cheaper knock-off valves off the internet does Not payoff - They will fail!
Optional Valve Controller Kit available above. Includes 2 Remotes with electronics, Vacuum lines and all connectors for a DIY Installation.
This is an individual Valve;
Welding Required
Made in England under ISO 9001 Compliance - More Quality Standard Details below
Standard on OEM High Performance Vehicles like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and more - Full list below
Engineered for value and reliability from the ground-up
Appointed by the Queen of England as the standard for High Performance Applications
Options for pneumatic or electronic actuator available
Choose between open and closed, or variable depending on vehicle application
Robust pneumatic actuator design
High temperature bearings at both ends of butterfly spindle
Flat sealing faces
Investment cast stainless steel bracket body and Titanium valve body with stiffening ribs
Optional Heatshield models to protect actuator
Far fewer components to eliminate possible issues and failures
100% control of valve position
Tuneable NVH characteristics
Controllable back-pressure
Increased reliability
Porsche (
GT3 and PSE Valved exhaust options
Jaguar Land Rover
Aston Martin
Ferrari (
488, F12 and more
Validation tests include gas-stand endurance, hot and cold ambient temperature endurance, vibration and salt-spray.
BS EN ISO 9001
IOS TS 16949
BS EN ISO 14001