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SKU: 01-838-01837-9

High Flow Air Filter Set, 570s

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These Weistec filters are designed specifically for the McLaren 507s with the M838 Twin Turbo 3. 8L engine.  The filters, while having better flow than the factory paper filters, fit in the airboxes just like the OEM filter.  The higher airflow capability of the air filters leads to improved engine response and performance with notable power gains when coupled with other upgrades such as the Weistec McLaren 570s ECU Upgrade and the W. 3 Turbo Upgrade.  In addition to more power and better response, these High Flow Air Filters enhance the viceral feel of your McLaren by unlocking the turbo induction sounds behind the occupants making your experience that much better. 
Stock vs Westec ECU and Filters
For maximum results, the combination of our Weistec ECU flash is recommended. 
Key Features:
Increased Performance
Improved Response
Improved Flow Area
Bolt in Installation
Amplifies the performance of your Weistec ECU Tune
Set of 2 filters
  • +0 HP