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SKU: 01-157-01039-7

High Flow Air Filter Set, M157 / M278

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These Weistec filters are compatible with the 5. 5 Biturbo and the 4. 7 Biturbo (M157 and M278 engines).  When analyzing the factory airbox and flow characteristics we found the placement of the filter in the box to be a significant restriction.  Improvements in filter shape and positioning, combined with our very own high flow element provides a significant flow and power increase across all ranges of the engines power band. 
For maximum results, the combination of our Weistec ECU flash is recommended. 
Key Features:
Adds 5-20 Horsepower
Increased Flow Area
Optimized Airbox fitment over factory filter
Amplifies the performance of your Weistec ECU Tune
Set of 2
  • +0 HP