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SKU: M113K_Supercharger_System

M113K Supercharger System

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* Allow 5-6 weeks for orders to be shipped.  Supercharger systems are made to order. 2002 was a milestone for Mercedes and European sports car enthusiasts.  The AMG 55 equiped with the M113K could only be described as a game changer.  When AMG transformed the production Mercedes 5. 5L V8 into a Kompressed monster, there were not many cars left in the world that could overtake it.  The factory forced induction engine lead to an entire industry of Mercedes aftermarket, an industry that has squeezed every last drop of power from the stock Kompressor. 
 Maximum Performance
	We have taken our proven supercharger design concepts and applied them to create the most efficient, reliable, and powerful upgrade ever available. 
 Maximum Performance
	Our Supercharger System for the M113K engines provide much larger capacity, much more efficient cooling, and is a much lighter unit than stock. 
 Maximum Performance
	The factory unit restricted air flow.  Naturally our engineering team incorporated a much larger opening to reduce restrictions. 
 Maximum Performance
	We've also given our clients options for throttle bodies.  Both stock and the optional 82mm Throttle Bodies are able to be mated with our 3. 0L Supercharger System. 
 Weistec Customer
	goes 10. 6 @ 134. 4 mph in an E55
 Fastest G55 in the World
	Running Only the Weistec M113K Supercharger System and Exhaust.
  • +211 HP