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SKU: M157_ECU_Tune

M157 ECU Tune

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All 2020 models require bench flashing at this time. ECU Tuning Process: How do I get my ECU tuned? As the global leader in Mercedes Benz AMG Tuning, Weistec Engineering sets the performance standard for bi-turbo M157 performance calibration.  Designed in-house by our expert tuning staff, our M157 ECU tune has surpassed the 600 wheel horsepower mark on a completely stock vehicle with no other modifications.  This tune is also 100% street legal!
CARB EO# D-691-1
With a keen understanding for optimal running conditions for the M157, we have revised many features of the factory ECU programming which creates an astounding crank horsepower and torque increases on California pump 91 octane fuel all while being street legal. 
The tune can be installed by an authorized Cypher Pro Dealer or simply shipping the ECU to our 
Southern California Facility. 
Key Features:
Increased Wheel Horsepower
Increased Wheel Torque
Eliminate Top Speed Limiter
Improved Throttle Response
Optimized Boost, Fuel and Spark
CARB Legal
All OBD Monitors Function as Stock
*Power gains vary based on model, modifications, fuel, and running conditions.
  • +166 HP