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    Range Rover 5.0L Supercharged V8 ExperTune Performance Software

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    The Fabspeed Tuning division had ample time with a 5.0L supercharged V8 Range Rover in house on our Dynojet to craft a powerful yet safe tune. Boost, fuel tables, ignition timing, and cam phasing parameters are all optimized to extract maximum driveability. Fabspeed Motorsport offers an alternative tuning method for vehicles equipped with ECU's that traditionally required bench flashing. No longer do you need to remove your ECU and mail it in for a tune. The Handheld device interfaces with the OBD-II port on your vehicle and your computer to complete the tuning process. Simply flash your Range Rover with a Fabspeed ExperTune by utilizing the included handheld tuner.
    The dyno chart is a comparison between a supercharged Range Rover Sport that was completely stock, followed by the addition of our Sport Cat Downpipes, then our tuner set to work on our Fabspeed ECU Sport Tune. All testing was done on our in-house Dynojet. On top of the gains made with our Sport Cat Downpipes, we extracted an additional 26whp and 27ft-lbs of torque with our tune when tested on our Rang Rover Sport Supercharged.
    While a modified vehicle will experience maximum gains as a result of the increased efficiency of the engine, great power gains can be made on a completely stock vehicle!
    "The 5.0L puts out a healthy amount of grunt thanks to the supercharger, but there's more to be had. Our Sport tune offers a reliable, noticeable bump in power and increased driveability..and I really want to stress that last part. it's starting to feel like a luxury hot rod between the new Fabspeed Sport Cat Downpipes and optimized engine. The addition of a smaller supercharger pulley would allow for more boost and more power, which we can make happen for you."
    Read stock data on vehicle via OBD-II port with Handheld
    Interface Handheld with software on your computer and send in data to Fabspeed Motorsport via email to
    We use this data along with information you provide about your vehicle to write a tune for your specific setup and email back your custom tune in 1-2 business days
    Write the Fabspeed ECU Tune to your Handheld, then to the vehicle with the Handheld
    Enjoy your increased performance!
    No need to send your ECU in to return to stock - simply use the Handheld to flash back, then to your Fabspeed ExperTune again at any point!
    Please review our
    Tuning Guide
    in the instructions above and email the ECU Tuning Information form to us. We utilize this form to ensure we meet your needs and consider your modifications to deliver the best possible results.
    You must have access to a PC / Windows computer (Mac OS not supported) to upload your factory file information to us via email and in turn apply our ECU Tune to your Handheld device.
    Upon sending us your vehicle information, our tuner will email you a custom ECU Tune(s) within 1-2 business days.
    The Handheld device "marries" with your vehicle and can only be used on one vehicle.
    • INSTALL GUIDE - Range Rover Sport ECU Removal Guide.pdf
    • HP (whp): +26 TQ (ft/lbs): +27 WT (lbs): N/A
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