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SKU: 01-209-00501-8

Rear Differential Mount Bushing, CLK Black Series

Excluding GST
Weistec Engineering is proud to offer yet another improvement to the CLK Black Series, the W209 Rear Differential Bushing.  When driving the CLK Black series the way it was meant to be driven, the OEM rear differential bushing flexes throwing off driveline geometry.  Age and increased power levels compound the flexing to the point of accelerated wear of driveline components and clunking noises. 
The W209 Rear Differential Bushing eliminates all the excessive flexing that the OEM bushing allows for, preventing clunking noises and driveline component wear. 
Key Features:
CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
Eleminates Driveline Flexing
Prevents Driveline Clunking
  • +0 HP