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SLR Biturbo System

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Weistec SLR BiTurbo System
The SLR is one of the most unique and exclusive vehicles Mercedes has produced in recent times.  Through meticulous engineering and testing, Weistec Engineering, the leader in Mercedes aftermarket performance, has created a system that cannot be matched.  We at Weistec understood and respected the rich history of the SLR and only sought out to enhance the supercars driving experience. 
Our top engineers have spent a substantial number of hours designing and developing the most powerful SLR system on the planet.  The goal was simple; a complete system providing consistent and usable power without sacrifice.  The factory supercharger system is replaced with a massive water to air intercooler, which works in conjunction with the factory SLR intercoolers, to provide maximum cooling and ensure consistency in power.  Only the highest quality materials and over 800 individual components were used to create the Weistec SLR BiTurbo System, including Inconel Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aircraft Grade Aluminum.  To ensure longevity and the highest performance possible, Ball Bearing Turbochargers with Billet Compressor Wheels are standard. 
Watch the film to see the creation of our inspiration and design come to life with the unbelievable power gains given by Weistec. 
Weistec Engineering SLR BiTurbo System
 *Product may not be emissions compliant.  Check local laws prior to installation. 
Key Features:
730+ Wheel Horsepower (860 BHP) on 91 Octane Fuel
900+ Wheel Horsepower (1050 BHP) on MS109 Fuel with Supporting Upgrades
Twin Ball Bearing Turbochargers
CNC Billet Compressor Wheels
Dual External Wastegates
Dual Weistec Anti Surge Valves
Aircraft Grade Aluminum Components
Weistec Water to Air Intercooler Replaces Factory Supercharger
82mm Throttle Body
Cast Inconel Steel Turbo Manifolds
Stainless Steel Downpipes
Stainless Steel Hardware
Retains Factory SLR Airbox
Electronically Controlled Boost
  • +456 HP