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SKU: 01-113-01046-7

Spark Plugs, M113K

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For those who will be making in excess of 450 WHP, these uniquely designed spark plugs are a must have.  Vehicles that are running increased boost levels are strongly recommended to upgrade the spark plugs to help combat the extra heat.  These spark plugs are “colder” meaning they dissipate heat faster than the OEM spark plugs and are better at preventing detonation and pre ignition stemming from high cylinder temperatures. 
Upgraded spark plugs are highly recommended with our M113K Supercharger System. 
*Warning: M113K and M113 Engines Require Different Spark Plugs
Key Features:
Higher Output for Supercharged applications
Colder range for better compatibility in supercharged applications
Direct replacement/bolt in
Inexpensive way to gain power and efficiency
Increased overall safety of engine parts
Set of 16
* Important: Please be sure to check and set spark plug gap prior to installation.
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