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VF BMW E37 Z3M (S54) SUPERCHARGER (2001 - 2002)

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BMW (E37/ E38) Z3M
3.2 L 6cyl S54 
2001 - 2002
The Z3M 3.2L (S54) Supercharger! 
In keeping with our tradition for turn-key, direct bolt-on power upgrades, the Z3M 3.2L supercharger system boosts the stock 333hp S54 engine to a 480hp or 570hp crank horsepower rating. Our uniquely design air to water charged air cooler helps maintain optimal air intake temperatures during normal and spirited driving conditions
  •;Induction This system is powered by the Vortech V3, self lubricated centrifugal supercharger. Standard Finish: BLACK Fueling Designed and developed in the California, the fuel maps are optimized for 91 octane pump fuel. Those with access to higher unleaded octane can use it and take advantage of the improved fuel quality. Exhaust Compatible with a stock exhaust, and most cat-back exhaust systems Pre-Installation Recommendations Address any existing CEL Perform a compression and leak down test Repair or replace warn sensors