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Designation: VF Engineering;Lamborghini Huracan 5.2L V10 
Standard Output:  602 HP | 413 TQ
Power Gains:  805 HP  |  610 TQ
Built in the USA! 
Additional 200 Horsepower  
The VF800 supercharger system is a genuine bolt-on, turn key-system, which adds 200HP to with no additional modifications. Compatible with all standard Huracan models; LP580-2, LP610-4, spyder or coupe. This system is designed as a daily driver or competitive hypercar. The Magnuson TVS2300 and expertly calibrated engine management software results in a lag-free, instant punch of torque from 2300 rpm. The air charge progressively climbs to redline for an exhilarating increase in forward thrust. The supercharger creates a predictable, linear powerband, closing the gap on the V12 Aventador. Scroll down to learn more about our product and how we've been able to boost the spirit of V10 owners since 2009.
In-depth Video of the V10 Supercharger Design >
  • Induction Powering our system is the Magnuson TVS2300, a roots style blower using Eaton�s latest generation four-lobe rotor pack, configured to produce 7.5psi. The charger is affixed to a cast manifold encompassing a dense charge cooler, efficiently cooled cooled by set air to water heat exchangers neatly packaged with the OEM rads. Boost pressures are immediate and consistent across the entire rev range, and controlled by an internal air bypass system designed to virtually eliminate parasitic loss at cruising speeds. Standard Finish: BLACK Custom colors (as pictured) available as a $3,000 option. Drive System The supercharger drive system was designed from the crank up. First upgrading the factory crank pulley from a 5-rib to 7-rib unit, and includes a custom engineered fluid damper, to counter act engine harmonics rotating up to 8700 RPM. From there the wider belt runs through an original CNC milled idler bracket with high strength aluminum pulleys to promote optimal wrap and traction around the supercharger. Fueling Designed and developed in the California, the fuel maps are optimized for 91 octane pump gas. Those with access to higher unleaded octane (93-100oct) can use it and take advantage of the improved fuel quality. Transmission Our system is compatible with the Huracan stock clutch and basket. Exhaust Compatible with a stock muffler, and most cat-back exhaust systems. ;