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SKU: 01-157-01864-3

W.4 Turbo Upgrade, M157

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* Allow 2-3 weeks for orders to be shipped.  Turbocharger systems are made to order. Please contact tuning@weistec. com to see if a tune is available for these turbos on your specific application. M157 W. 4 Turbochargers
Taking a giant leap ahead of all other available upgrades, the M157 W. 4 Turbochargers completely replace the factory units.  They are ball bearing, featuring CNC machined billet aluminum compressor wheels capable of flowing 6large amounts of air. 
To feed these monster turbochargers, completely new intake tubes are included.  Weistec Carbon airboxes are an optional upgrade.  The Weistec Turbo-Folds provide significantly increased flow of exhaust gasses compared to the stock turbo-fold.  The Weistec M157 True Downpipes perfectly mate up to the M157 W. 4 Turbochargers to ensure minimal restriction once the exhaust gasses have gone through the turbine.  
An Engineered Solution
The W. 4 Turbochargers are the most capable production turbochargers available for the M157 engine.  When all supporting upgrades are purchased, (supporting upgrades: M157 ASV/Water-Methanol Injection System Weistec True Downpipes and ECU tuning) the W. 4 Turbocharger System for the M157 is capable of producing 1000+ crank horsepower on 91 octane pump gas.  Whats equally impressive is that these numbers are achieved at only 20psi, and 20 psi is only the beginning. 
Control = Reliability
While the M157 engine is a very robust engine in factory form, a couple of weak links have been found at extreme power levels.  The most common is a bent connecting rod.  If the engine is producing a sustained 1000 lb-ft of torque or more, all it takes is one knock event to bend a rod.  This was taken into consideration with the ECU tuning for the W. 4 Power Package as they can make far more power and torque than a stock M157 engine can handle.  With our optional ECU Tune for the W. 4 package, boost is controlled and tapered up to the peak of 20psi as RPMs increase.  This creates a broad torque curve that remains under 800 lb-ft (at the wheels) while allowing power to continually increase towards redline, minimizing stress on the rods as well as the rest of the drivetrain.  With a fully built M157 and other supporting upgrades, expect to see significantly higher power numbers as the Turbochargers can flow enough air volume for 1400+ crank horsepower! 
Comparison: W. 3 and W. 4 Turbo Upgrade
Key Features:
Ball Bearing Turbochargers
Removed Restriction of Stock Turbo-Folds
Weistec M157 Turbo Intake Tubes and Optional Weistec Carbon Airboxes
Greatly Increased HP and Torque capability
CNC Billet Aluminum Compressor Wheel
Improved Airflow
Aggressive Exhaust Note
1000+HP Capable
Required Additional Items for peak engine performance:
High Flow Downpipe and Exhaust
Racing Spark Plugs
Weistec WMI/ASV
Weistec Carbon Airboxes
Weistec W. 4 ECU Tune
Note: This item is considered special order.  (See Terms and Conditions)
  • +458 HP