Beyond Custom & Replicas

The founder of Beyond Custom, Leon Popovich, has been building Replica Lamborghini’s full-time for over 10 years and is a known positive force in both Australian and international replica circles.

Beyond Custom never set out to build a ‘typical kit car’ with an average chassis and an average engine. We wanted to push the extreme and develop a product that would leave viewers amazed and drivers in love. With that in mind, we developed a uniquely designed tubular chassis, a custom suspension with custom adjustable rose-joint links, a V12 engine V-drive, and a drive train set up never seen before. Four years of testing and producing our product has set a new benchmark in the industry.

Beyond Custom has taken braking systems to the next level by not only using 356mm 8-piston front brakes and 330mm 6-piston rear brakes, but also by developing our own ABS system to work with this extreme braking force. Braking tests held at Perth’s AHG driving centre were performed by our engineer Terry Southam of Southam Engineering and were passed with ease with our replica stopping capability on the edge of face tearing.

By developing our V-drive system it also means we can use paddle shift gearboxes or even automatic gearboxes, avoiding the exclusive use of transaxles and cable shifters. Gearshifts in our manual 5-speed replicas are light, direct, and effortless like the original. But, most importantly, we are not limited to what power we can put through the drive train and there is a 9-inch LSD differential to do all the important work at the rear. Suspension handling on our replicas tested at the AHG driving track saw lane change tests carried out at 122km/h with ease, well above what is required by the transport department.

Our Advice to Replica Beginners…

Along our journey within the replica world, we have learnt a thing or two about the downfalls of poor workmanship and unfinished projects. Beyond Custom has many times rescued unfinished vehicles and brought them back to industry standard. We would like to extend our expertise to our customers and the public and offer some essential tips when launching into replica ICV builds.

Any customer looking to purchase a replica of any type or sort should ALWAYS request to view the workshop where their replica will be built BEFORE any money or deposit is placed. When you do, take this checklist and see that the workshop is up to standard:

  • The company you visit should have other vehicles in the various stages of production or have finished licensed vehicles for you to view at will.
  • A company that is well run and funded will have 3-4 qualified staff plus additional office staff, be open 5-6 days a week and not require a booking to visit their facilities. Be wary of single staff member run premises that are closed most of the time.
  • It is important not only to view finished cars, but also to ask to see how the rolling chassis is made. Ask to view jigs for the chassis, suspension components, stock holding, and parts, and any licensing paperwork associated with the vehicle.
  • Once you have seen to the rolling chassis details, you should check what systems they have in place to finish the rest of the car. Ask to view the moulds, templates, and products used to produce the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Ask to see a sample wiring harness and any associated electrical products. And, ask to see their preparation and spray-painting facilities. Your replica should only be painted in an approved quality spray booth.
  • Ask to talk to previous customers and explore their vehicles details and their experiences.
  • Contact the company’s transport-approved engineer and clarify that structural and safety testing have been carried out and that other vehicles have been licensed. A company should not hesitate to give you these details.
  • Finally, before placing a deposit, ensure you sign a lawyer certified contract (this should be provided by the company) stating the process, timeline, and any special additions you require building your replica. This contract should be signed before a witness and you should receive your own copy.

Beyond Custom’s Perth Facilities

Beyond Custom has various vehicles at different stages of production that are available for viewing: including a Lamborghini V12 Twin Turbo Murcielago, a Lamborghini V8 Murcielago, a Lamborghini V8 Diablo, a Lamborghini V12 Diablo Single Turbo, 2x Lamborghini Countach, and a Lamborghini V8 Diablo rolling chassis package. You can also view all current replica build photos.

Our company is well run and funded. We have 7 qualified staff members, 2 full-time office staff, and are open 6 days a week. Customers may drop in anytime.

When a customer comes to our premises to view our replicas, we make a point of ensuring they have seen all our jigs, suspension, and engine components, stock holding, and licensing paperwork, including test results and previously licensed cars.

We also ensure our customers have seen all moulds, templates, and products used to produce the interior and exterior of the vehicle. We can provide a sample wiring harness and associated electrical products for viewing. Beyond Custom also has a quality down draft spray booth on the premises.

Beyond Custom can provide access to our previous customers who are more than happy to have a chat with you about their cars and their experiences. We can also provide access to our transport-approved engineer to clarify that structural and safety testing has been carried out and that other vehicles have been licensed.

Beyond Custom has a contract in place to protect our customers and our company. The contract was written by a qualified lawyer from Birman & Ride Lawyers.