Chassis & Body Package

Rolling Chassis & Body Package

Complete your own replica, from $29,000

The Rolling Chassis & Body Package will get your build on its way.

Package Includes:

  • Complete chassis with all pick-up points, engine mounts for V12 engine, differential mounts, v-drive mounts and suspension mounts. The chassis is plated, sand blasted and painted gloss black
  • Supplied & fitted pedal assembly with brake booster and clutch slave
  • Supplied & fitted suspension arms, blasted, painted and installed. BMW enclosed bush/bearing and aircraft-grade rod ends coupled to Holden VT hubs (same stud pattern as Lamborghini)
  • Supplied & fitted front and rear coil-overs (6 pieces)
  • Installed & fitted hand brake, cables, joints
  • Supplied & fitted steering rack and column
  • Supplied & fitted ABS unit & brake lines
  • Supplied & fitted front & rear sway bars
  • Fabricated fibreglass body & associated panels
  • Fabricated fibreglass interior
  • Secure fitment of fibreglass body to rolling chassis

Our chassis and its components are torsional tested and certified to comply with Australian Design Rules (ADR). Engineering and certification are performed by Terry Southam of Southam Engineering.

On completion of the above package, you can:

  • Finish your own replica opting to have paint and trim done by selected professionals, or
  • Beyond Custom can complete sections of the build as requested.

If you decide to complete your own replica from the point of purchasing the chassis and body package, Beyond Custom can supply all the interior and exterior parts, mechanical components, accessories, wiring components, seals, and windows you need to complete your replica.

You can purchase the parts you need as your budget allows, without the stress of hunting parts and pieces that are sometimes not available.