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  • Audi TT RS / RS3 (2.5 Liter) HJS Euro 6 Sport Catalytic Converter Downpipe
  • Audi TT RS / RS3 (2.5 Liter) HJS Euro 6 Sport Catalytic Converter Downpipe
SKU: 90811170

Audi TT RS / RS3 (2.5 Liter) HJS Euro 6 Sport Catalytic Converter Downpipe

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Meet the strictest of emissions standards while freeing up power with an HJS 200-cell Euro 6 sport catalyst downpipe.
This downpipe is produced by HJS themselves as a solution to meet the strict requirements of Euro 6 compliance. As a master distributor of HJS catalysts, we're happy to import from Germany and supply this downpipe. Availability and l
ead time may vary
depending on production volume. Call and speak to one of our performance specialists for details.
Fits Audi TT RS / RS3 2.5L (8J/8J1/8V) vehicles
200 cell ECE Homologated Tuning Catalyst Converter design improves flow over factory while being Euro 6 compliant
Direct bolt-on replacement; no cutting or welding required
Does Not trigger check engine light
HJS integral heat insulation
Optimized Downpipe Performance
Thermal relief of the turbocharger
More power and improved sound
Pipe Diameter
Original: 55mm / 60mm
HJS: 60mm / 63.5mm
Complies with most emissions regulations, and is Euro 6 certified and has
TÜV homoligation
(NOTE: It the purchaser's responsibility to verify legality and compliance in their region.)
This product removes the OEM catalytic converters from the vehicle, and as such, is strictly intended for closed track events and off-road use only. This product contains a High-Flow Sport Catalytic Converter solely intended for track and race cars as it is NOT California Air Resources Board Certified and not EPA certified. You are hereby informed and warned to check your local, state, and federals laws before buying and installing these or any aftermarket parts to be sure whether usage is in violation. All installation-risk and use-risk is borne by the end-user and installer of these parts.
  • HP (whp): N/A TQ (ft/lbs): N/A WT (lbs): TBD
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