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Bentley Continental GT, GTC V8 and V8S Sport Exhaust (2012 on)

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The original exhaust sound is more luxury than sports providing a silent cabin much of the time. A great achievement, but probably not satisfying for the target market's enthusiast driver. Many think that the V8 may sounds even better than the W12,� due the deeper presence of the V8 engine combined with the fast-shifting close-ratio 8 speed gearbox. �Whilst driving in D (where the revs mostly stay below 2000 rpm)� the QuickSilver has a deeper note and within the cabin the sound is as quiet as the original system� > � when the customer shifts to S (and revs climb above 2000 rpm) the exhaust sound comes alive and rewards the driver with the full V8 symphony. �There is also a significant weight saving over the OE system of 6Kgs. �The QuickSilver system retains the original 'Figure 8' exhaust trims and is a direct replacement that requires no modifications. � Installation time is about 1. 5 hours. 
Lighter weight and more efficient flow with a noticeable improvement in turbo response for even more exuberant acceleration. 
The system removes the intrusive valves giving a more old fashioned elitist sound with more presence throughout the rev range. 
-�Integrates with OEM tips. 
-�An elitist sound - more volume throughout. 
-�Bolt-On fit - Precision engineered. 
-�Significantly lighter. �
-�Benefits all areas of performance. 
20. 4 kilos
(~ 45 lbs)
QuickSilver System
14. 4 kilos
(~ 32 lbs)
Weight saving
6 kilos
(~ 13 lbs)