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SKU: 01-156-01849-5

CNC Ported Heads, M156

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Weistec Engineering offers the one and only CNC port solution for the M156 engine platform. 
Utilizing state of the art technology in CAD digitizing and analysis, Weistec Engineering has created the most consistent, and efficient method of port technology for the M156 engine platform.  This proper port design nets a significant increase in laminar intake, and exhaust air flow. 
Key Features:
5-axis CNC machined
397. 88 CFM Intake flow
257. 81 CFM Exhaust flow
Fully assembled, Ready to run heads
Core exchange must be sent with order.  An $8700 core supplement will be charged with no core exchange.  Typical lead time is 7-8 business days.  ECU tuning is recommended for optimal power gains.  All heads are assessed to ensure deck clearance and valve lineup.  Chamber size and compression is not effected by CNC Port.  (Compression stays at factory spec)
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