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  • Ferrari F355 Challenge Raybestos ST-43 Brake Pads

Ferrari F355 Challenge Raybestos ST-43 Brake Pads

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Excel at the track with premium Raybestos ST-43 racing brake pads.
Raybestos ST-43 are a good intermediate track pad. Very aggressive, yet easy on the rotors as far as racing pads go. They are down slightly on overall friction and initial bite from the most aggressive offerings, with the flipside being lower running temps and increased component life. Make no mistake, these pads are the real deal with many customers running them in Ferrari Challenge cars, Evo's, STi's, Vipers, Corvettes and more. If you rely on ABS, these pads will be more forgiving with their initial bite. These were developed for NASCAR (read heavy, high-horsepower, lots of tire and downforce). Run what the winners run!
These pads are recommended for track use only.
They are very aggressive and require being brought up to operating temperature for best performance.
Noise is to be expected with racing compounds.
Temperature Rating: 1200°F
Hot 1200°F Average Friction Mu: 0.380
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