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  • Ferrari F430 OEM Muffler Support Bracket Upgrade
  • Ferrari F430 OEM Muffler Support Bracket Upgrade
  • Ferrari F430 OEM Muffler Support Bracket Upgrade

Ferrari F430 OEM Muffler Support Bracket Upgrade

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Prevent costly exhaust repairs by replacing the failure prone factory exhaust brackets with high quality Fabspeed T304L stainless steel exhaust support brackets with all new deluxe hardware.
The OEM mild steel brackets commonly crack along the welds at the reinforcing gussets. The factory OEM Ferrari 430 exhaust brackets are a very poor design from inception and are an Achilles heel of repeated failures. The metal adjacent to the welds is brittle due to the original welding the heat affected zone or HAZ. This area is also more susceptible to corrosion induced cracking. This potential problem occurs behind the 430 bumper where you wouldn't even notice the failure. Many Ferrari 430 cars have experienced this situation too many times and Fabspeed decided to engineer a solution. Fabspeed's 430 exhaust mounting brackets feature a design made from high strength T304L stainless steel that is optimized through F.E.A.,  finite element analysis to prevent fatigue and components failure. The Fabspeed F430 exhaust bracket design engineering absorbs vibrations without breaking to save the headers and the rest of the exhaust components from expensive replacement.
Fits all Ferrari F430 Vehicles (2005-2009) DOES NOT FIT 430 SCUDERIA or 16M spider
Prevents expensive repairs due to failure of the weak factory exhaust brackets
Waterjet cut and press brake bent T304L stainless steel in house at Fabspeed
Includes all hardware including wave spring washers for a complete installation
All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty
  • HP (whp): N/A TQ (ft/lbs): N/A WT (lbs): N/A
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