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SKU: 09-463-00029-3

G Class Suspension Lift Package

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One of the biggest challenges with any suspension system is maintaining proper alignment.  Weistec has developed a combination of components that lifts the G class to new heights with better than stock geometry.  The result is proper solution that drives better than factory with predictable driving behavior, especially at highway speeds.  Weistec has engineered the suspension package to provide 1. 75 inches of suspension lift, clears up to 35 inch tires*, and maintains excellent driving characteristics in the city and on the highway.  
Key Features:
1. 75 Inch suspension lift**
Clears up to 35 Inch Tires*
Engineered to maintain proper suspension geometry
Firmer spring rates
Compatible with OEM Bilstein shocks
Heavy duty steel weld in control arm brackets
Smooth on road ride*
*Tire clearance and on road ride quality are dependent on wheel and tire model/specifications
**Lift height varies depending on G model
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