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Porsche 986/987/987.2Boxster/Cayman,996/997/997.2Carrera Numeric Race ShortShift

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Fabspeed is proud to announce the addition of Numeric Racing’s patented ball bearing adjustable short throw shifter for Porsche to its product line!
Now used in almost every Porsche race team in America.
Numeric Racing’s shifters are not only good for race applications, but is a very popular upgrade for daily drivers. This work of art has a multi-adjustable shift lever for various throws and adjustable cable mono blocks for horizontal lever placement. It’s evolutionary structure is CNC machined from aerospace grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware and includes precision ball bearings to ensure undeniable accuracy. This do-it-yourself upgrade can be installed in just under an hour with no modifications! Its OEM friendly design allows full center console use and lever adjustment with a simple lift of the boot.
Numeric Racing’s Shifter is a remarkable upgrade that transforms your driving experience with precision shifting and rifle bolt action engagement. This eliminates all unnecessary movements that contribute to driver error.
There is absolutely no other like it, race team proven and covered under a lifetime warranty.
Since 2012, Numeric Racing has been redefining Porsche products for on and off the track.
Currently Numeric Racing products are being marketed and sold throughout the world. Numeric Racing is building a great reputation in the industry for offering High Quality Aftermarket Porsche Parts. Numeric Racing shifters are second to none.
Fits all Porsche 986 / 987 / 987.2 Boxster/Cayman and 996 / 997 / 997.2 Carrera vehicles
(Manual Transmission Only)
CNC Machined from Aerospace Grade Aluminum, Stainless Steel hardware and includes Precision Ball Bearings to ensure undeniable accuracy.
Adjustable shift lever
Precision ball bearings
40% throw reduction
Adjustable cable blocks
Enhanced shift timing
Do-It-Yourself installation in just under an hour with No modifications necessary -
See link to installation guide above for full details
Complete direct replacement
Backed by Numeric Racing Lifetime Warranty
custom bulkhead wrench is highly recommended for your Numeric Racing cable install. Reduces installation time and costs associated with installation.
Select vehicle below
996 / 997 Carrera
986 / 987 Boxster/Cayman
Q: I recently bought cables and the cable ends are black and look like plastic.
A: We assure you that Numeric Racing has eliminated all plastic from the cables. What you are seeing is black plating (anodizing), which strengthens the metal pieces and provides corrosion resistance.
Q: Do you sell shift knobs?
A: Not at the moment, but we may decide to produce weighted shift knobs in the future. Numeric Racing shifters are direct-replacements. This means that you can use the shift knob that is already in your vehicle.
Q: I have an older Numeric Racing adjustable shifter. It has a bronze pin, unlike the one that you have advertised on your website. Does this still carry a warranty?
A: Yes, we have a lifetime warranty on Numeric Racing shifters. It covers the original owner only. The warranty covers parts used for that model shifter and not for the currently revised shifter. If you would like to upgrade your shifter to the latest version, the upgrade fee is $99. The customer is responsible for shipping charges.
  • Porsche 986-987-996-997 Numeric Racing NM100 Installation Guide.pdf