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Porsche Macan Turbo / GTS / S AMS Alpha Performance Intercooler System

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Introducing the Alpha Performance Porsche Macan Intercooler System
AMS developed the Alpha Performance Porsche Macan Intercooler System to provide you the best cooling upgrade for your Porsche Macan. Our goal was to provide the ultimate system in terms of quality, simplicity, fitment, aesthetic design, and of course, performance.
The Highest Quality Garrett© Intercoolers For Your Porsche Macan
The Alpha Macan Intercooler System features the highest quality Bar and Plate Garrett Intercooler cores which are a full
43% thicker than OEM!
Alpha’s massive cores give you the most power supporting intercooler upgrade on the market. Each of the two super thick 85.5mm Garrett© cores provide an optimum fin density of 20 fins per inch for unmatched cooling.
Fits all Porsche Macan Turbo / GTS / S 3.0L / 3.6L Twin Turbo vehicles
Tough Bar and Plate Core Construction
2 – 43% Thicker, High Quality Garrett Intercooler Cores
Organic shaped end tanks that allow for smooth transition delivery of charged air flow
Larger core reduces restriction through intercooler allows for faster spool up of turbo earlier in
the power band.
Larger core reduces charge temps providing cool dense air to the engine.
Custom silicone hoses and carbon ducts that provide OEM type fitment, no cutting, drilling,
fabricating needed.
85.5mm thick Alpha Intercoolers w/ cast end tanks
Carbon Fiber Intercooler Shrouds
5-ply Silicone Couplers
High Quality Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
All Necessary Fastening Hardware and Gaskets
Billet Turbo Compressor Outlet Adapter
Computer aided design yields maximum results
Our engineering team designed the Alpha Porsche Macan Intercooler end tanks with extremely smooth features and the perfect geometry for the best flow resulting in maximum horsepower. Designed using Solidworks 3D CAD software, these end tanks have improved flow over boxy sheet metal end tanks found on other intercoolers. We then took it one step further. AMS Engineers designed the organically shaped carbon fiber ducting to make use of every millimeter of available space for the ultimate power producing charge of cool air.
Alpha Performance Porsche Macan Intercooler CAD
Cooler Intake Charge Boosts Power And Response
Channeling cool air to the intercoolers is vital for optimum performance of any intercooler. Some manufacturers choose to remove the factory intercooler inlets in order to cut costs. This greatly reduces the effectiveness of ANY intercooler whether it’s larger or not. Others require that you cut up and tape the factory shrouding to the intercooler core in an attempt to seal the shroud to the intercooler core. While this is better than removing the shroud, it is still not the most effective way to boost performance. Alpha’s Engineers came up with the ultimate solution.
The Alpha Performance Porsche Macan Intercooler System features rigid, OEM-quality, carbon fiber ducts designed to mate seamlessly to the intercoolers feeding them cooler ambient air more efficiently than the alternatives. Each organic shaped carbon fiber duct is not only highly functional and designed with performance in mind, they are aesthetically striking as well.
Maximum Airflow For Maximum Horsepower And Torque
To further improve airflow, our engineering team went a step further by computer designing precisely molded, custom silicone couplers.  These provide perfect fitment and optimized geometry for improved airflow volume and velocity providing horsepower gains and quicker boost response helping you stay ahead of your competition! Perhaps the best feature about this intercooler system is that it maintains cooling efficiency as more power producing upgrades are added to your Porsche Macan! It improves the effectiveness of your other upgrades giving you maximum hp output potential!
Alpha Porsche Macan Dyno includes Alpha Filters, Intercoolers, Downpipes, and Alpha Tune.
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