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Syvecs Power Distribution units are designed to replace the use of a conventional relay boxs. It provides multi channel solid state logic driven processing, which is fully software configurable using our PDU cal tool. Features include logic inputs and power outputs with validation and debounce settings. RS232 and CAN provide communication to external displays and data loggers.

Syvecs is pleased to announce after 12 months of testing and development that we now support the standalone control of the DQ250 and DQ500 DSG transmissions with our latest S7I and S7Plus units. Using custom firmware the Syvecs unit communicates with the OEM computer inside the transmission to replicate all the OEM factory logic to make the DQ transmission work as if it was fitted in the OEM car. This new firmware allows dealers to fit the DQ250 or DQ500 transmission to any engine and chassis. Jubu Performance and Beek Auto Racing have been working with Syvecs to test and develop the firmware over the past few months on the Lotus platform to offer a dsg/dct solution for that platform with fantastic results. Features such as: Live Clutch pressure data, OEM Diagnostics/Safety strategies, Reverse State Logic, Shift State Logic, Full Torque Control and Adjustable Launch Control allow users so much freedom. You have the option to use the Original VAG Shifter block or Custom Paddles/Buttons to shift the box between its gears and modes. Sport Mode, Manual Mode and Auto mode is fully supported as well as Auto Up Shift at a desired RPM shift point. Inputs that are required for the firmware to work: -2 or more wheel speed signals -Brake Pressure -Paddle Up Switch -Paddle Down Switch If not using OEM Shifter Block { -Sport Switch -Mode Switch } For Enquires on this package please speak to Beek Auto Racing who offer support and firmware for this. Syvecs LTD do not currently sell this package direct, it needs to be purchased from Beek Auto Racing- or for Lotus work from @jubuperformance