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BMW 645Ci/ 650i V8 
Model Year: 2004 - 2010
Engine Code: N62B44 - N62B48TU
HEX Tuning software is delivered as a proper "flash tune� meaning that the data area within the ECU which is responsible for the power management and engine safety is re-calibrated to increase horsepower and torque without compromising long term reliability. Each new application begins with dyno testing to measure and plot the factory power delivery in order to track the changes as we increase engine load values and enhance torque management to arrive at a smoother, more powerful driving experience! Additional features include removed top speed limited; increased rev limiter; improved throttle response; smoother power delivery.
Stage ONE
Speed limiter removed
Improved throttle response
  • Coming soon.
  • Requirements Windows computer running Windows 7/ 8/ 10 OBDii Programming cable (included w/ purchase) ECU Tuning Software (included w/ purchase) Internet connection to send/ receive files Order online (shipping worldwide) Use HEX Flash cable to read stock ECU data Submit a software request to Receive tuned filesFlash your car and have fun! ;;