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McLaren 600LT
3.8L V8 Twin Turbo (2019+)
Building on the tradition of delivering reliable and consistent performance gains, HEX Tuning�s ECU software for recently released McLaren 600LT has shown impressive gains during our initial testing. Customers can expect more horsepower, more torque, and a more exhilarating driving experience by delivering usable power through improved throttle response and torque management. Preliminary testing has seen maximum wheel horse power gains as high as 85hp and 95tq at 4750rpm*. This additional power can be felt throughout the entire power band - with peak, average gains of 40-50hp and 85-95tq to the wheels � making the already capable 600LT accelerate faster out of your favorite corner and noticeably quicker once the road straightens out.
Performance Software Features
+85WHP @ 4750RPM*  +95WTQ @ 4750RPM*
Increased launch RPM limiter
Remove gear-specific torque limits
Left-foot braking enabled
  • ECU BENCH FLASHING Purchase on line Ship us your ECU Complimentary Ground Return Shipping REQUIRES PROFESSIONAL BENCH FLASHING With modern automotive technology, gone are the days of �chipping� (or physically modifying the vehicles ECU) but there are still some instances where the ECU must be removed from the vehicle in order to enable flashing capabilities. For this application HEX Tuning will require the vehicle to be present at our Anaheim, CA facility, or for your ECU to be mailed in to our offices. Once received the ECU is then professionally opened in order to be put into boot mode so it can then be programmed with our own proprietary performance calibrations. All ECU�s are processed and turned around within 24-business hours from the time they are received. VF Engineering will provide complimentary UPS Ground Return Shipping or you can request faster shipping for a cost. To learn more, please feel free to give our Sales Department a call at: (714) 528-0066 ext. 405;